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Bay Area, CA

Todder Ballet Classes 
ages 18 months and up

Feel-Good Dance

that's fun and
full of surprises!

dance with me!

Have you ever wondered...

what it would be like to learn dance from a Disney Princess?

Well you’re in luck, because dancing with Miss Anna is like dancing with Mary Poppins!

With lots of singing, movement, and many "surprises" up her sleeve, Miss Anna has a knack for keeping very young childrens' attention throughout an hour-long dance class. 

All instruction is conducted in a warm and fun environment your child will truly enjoy! 


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Miss Anna's toddler ballet class is one of the most joyous, uplifting, and absolutely adorable experiences I've ever witnessed. She is a truly gifted, passionate teacher with boundless energy and endless patience for her little ones. She has mastered the art of controlled chaos and has my utmost admiration! Above all, she makes everything fun, fun, FUN!!!!

Miss Anna is warm, welcoming, and full of wonder! She creates a positive, inclusive environment of fun, imagination, and delight while teaching fundamentals of ballet. Our little girl was instantly drawn to Miss Anna's encouraging style and delightful personality. 

Dance with Miss Anna is nothing short of a Disney Princess experience! Her love and passion for children shines with every element she brings to her classes and parties. Miss Anna's enthusiasm, engagement strategies, group management, and class pacing is unlike any other dance teacher I've ever seen!

Anna is such a skilled teacher, always balancing fun and movement with social-emotional curriculum that meets the needs of all of her young dancers. Her classes are enriched with strength, balance, and coordination-building while teaching little ones how to be patient, take turns, and participate in a class. 

My daughter was born with gross motor delays. When we started with Miss Anna, she wasn't able to independently stand up. After a few short months of classes, she had mastered all of her physical therapy goals and was having the time of her life while doing so. 

For my daughter's 1st birthday, Miss Anna hosted a dance class, complete with a final performance with 'Ballerina Bear'. I was blown away to see that all 20 kids participated, and more so that my one-year-old even danced the entire time! Attending dance class or a party with Miss Anna is guaranteed to bring joy to all!

Anna's passion reaches all of her students. She knows how to make each student and parent feel special, while maintaining high expectations for all. Her surprises, upbeat music, singing and use of props add a whimsical feel that leaves all of her students wanting more! As a parent, I leave feeling proud of my daughter and like I got a workout, too! Such a bonus!

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Miss Anna! My daughters have grown up taking her classes and they adore her. We play Miss Anna's songs at home and my girls recreate her dance routines! Her smile and sweet graceful nature make her a remarkable dance teacher for small children! She also used to be a Raiderette cheerleader and has a bubbly personality that kids gravitate towards. We love Miss Anna!

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